Uncover your true wish with us! On every service we provide, you will experience service that thoughtfully designed to bring out very characteristic of you. We offer best selection of services that help you to make your exceptional and personal wedding day come true. You don’t want your wedding day just exceptional without your personal touch and
become wedding day that everyone forgets , otherwise we bet you want to make wedding that bring out very characteristic of you and also so exceptional so it shall become nostalgic reminiscence.



Exceptional wedding day start with first impression of how your decoration transform common venue to exceptionally unique and remarkable venue. You don’t want your wedding look lousy,  plain and for sure you don’t want to have wedding that look alike others’ wedding so it has to bring out very character of you and exceptionally made of you! YES, You came to the right place where our team give the heart to thoughtfully design your wedding decoration


What is a Wedding Cake mean to you? For us, It is a very delicate dummy cake or real cake that create for the main purpose to give the bride and groom the opportunity to participate in a tradition without spending millions but still made personally yours!





Probably the most sacred moments in your life is now in front of you. Create your holy matrimony and engagement decoration so exceptional that so create comforting and mesmerizing atmosphere at one blow! We create exceptional service for your family and closest person so your moments become memento for all of you.


Both table decoration and dessert table services is noticed by your family and also your guests. Decoration closest to you, required right amount of details. Here by we bring our services to spice up your occasion. These services make your decoration lookS good overall, and also raise the standard by putting the details.




What event do you wish to hold? We are really concerned what your birthday, baby shower, exhibition booth, studio look like because it represents you a lot. We are proficient decorator that ready to serve you in every event you make. We love to serve you and make your event’s first impression decent and favorable.