The definition of a micro wedding can vary depending on who you talk to, but it typically includes anywhere from 5 to 50 guests. And with the Pandemic, 2020 saw a radical shift towards smaller events. Those who didn’t want to cancel or postpone their larger weddings leaned into the idea
of a more intimate scaled-back event.

The wedding industry followed suit and started educating themselves about how to scale up a sized-down event. What resulted were some of the most amazing elopements and micro weddings we’ve helped plan to date!

Moving into the 2021 wedding season, we are anticipating being able to hold larger events, but want to make sure to follow safety protocols as well.

Splurge on your table decor

Quality wins over quantity and you can stretch your budget for the tabletop of your dreams. Unique china, monogrammed linens, personalized paper goods. Let your imagination run wild and get that Pinterest board started!

Reimagine Appetizers

Instead of hundreds of the same small bites, have your caterer, prepare more options for fewer guests. This can even be the main meal in some cases. In essence, turn your bites into a tapas-style meal.


Statistically, 50% of wedding guests will drink wine throughout the evening, and the remaining 50% is split between liquor beverages and beer. But the advantage of a smaller guest list means you will likely know what everyone prefers and can cater accordingly. Be sure to add a signature drink to the menu or hire a mixologist to create works of wonder for your guests.

Make the Meal the Main Event

For some couples, saving money isn’t the reason for opting for a smaller event and can be an opportunity to push for quality over quantity. In this instant embrace the idea of hiring a private chef to cater your wedding or reserve a private room at a favorite fancy restaurant. Consider having a themed dinner such as a Roman style dinner party or have fresh sushi prepared on-site. Let your imagination go wild and imaging the dinner of your dreams.


A smaller guest list means fewer tiers on your cake right? Not necessarily. Work with your baker to make Individual mini 3-tiered wedding cakes or fill a tiered cake stand with gourmet desserts such as creme brulee, mini pies, baklava cups, and cupcakes.

Whatever you decide, It is of the utmost importance to talk to your catering vendors about the logistics of bringing food into a non-traditional venue setting. If you choose to get married on the edge of a cliff (a very popular idea on the Oregon Coast) make sure you are working with a caterer that is comfortable setting up and bringing in a portable kitchen that includes water, and electricity.